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About Us

Bizle Property Investors, an Essvale company, is a fund management and property services company with a unique take on property investments. Our proprietary investment philosophy has allowed us over the years to achieve spectacular returns on residential property investments in major cities around the world especially the UK capital, London. Using flexible and innovative approaches to property investment we believe that outperformance can only come through investing differently.
We believe in acquiring and managing property assets through collective investment schemes for long-term performance. We do this to ensure our clients’ assets remain relevant both now and in the future, and are adaptable to changing life cycles, markets, client and customer expectations.

Bizle Property Investors creates both regulated and unregulated property funds that seek to deliver above average returns for our investors. The management of these funds reflect the investment philosophy of the team. A number of these funds are domiciled in jurisdictions that allow for tax-efficiency and lighter regulation.

Our strategic approach to investment management spans the risk and return spectrum.

Bizle Property Investors’ Property services are spread across the real estate value chain. The aim is to achieve synergies between these activities along the value chain for both commercial and residential real estate. These synergies create value for our clients, both private and institutional.

Real Estate as an Investment

Real estate is a key heterogeneous asset class that has a number of attractive characteristics for investors. This includes the diversification benefit as a result of low correlation with other asset categories, relatively high and stable cash flow returns, and the option to boost the potential returns by using debt.
Investing in property is a more tangible option over bonds or equities as the latter asset classes carry more uncertainty for some people if they can’t physically see it. We are of the opinion that there is relatively more control in owning a property given that there is more predictability in the market. In general, indices such as the UK’s FTSE or the US’s S&P are more likely to crash suddenly from social/political factors while a decline in the housing market can be spotted earlier
Besides real estate is a real asset that offers investors partial protection against rising inflation. Owing to the stable nature of rental income, income yields are a relatively constant component of real estate returns.
We are in favour of investing in residential properties largely because of its low volatility and consistently strong returns over an extended period. However, we offer services to the commercial real estate sector as well. We opine that commercial estate is a better hedge against inflation given that rental contracts are typically indexed to inflation is a number of western markets,income should also keep pace with inflation.
There is a uniqueness about investing in residential property that investors don’t get with any other type of investment – it can provide an income, capital appreciation and a tangible legacy that can be passed on to future generations.